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Drop The Mic is the Official Podcast of Mike and Lem… two guys from Florida (one by way of New York). We strive to be insightful, witty, and entertaining. But hey, 2 out 3 ain’t bad, right?  Don’t we still get a participation trophy or something?

Our podcast covers serious issues such as race and gender, the role of faith and religion in our daily lives, and why your favorite TV show’s always get canceled. In addition to witty banter, we also ask hard hitting questions the “mainstream” refuses to ask. Questions like will Marvel comics eventually account for 50% of all films released? Why do people like Nickelback? Why do people listen to our podcast?

We refer to fans of our show as Lemmings, as Miking’s just didn’t have the right ring to it. So, we invite you to join our fan base, listen to our show, and become the Lemming you already know you are!

(EDITORS NOTE: Mike/Lem didn’t know Lemmings meant something else, please disregard the previous paragraph).

At the end of the day, we are all about comedy and making people laugh. If you spent time with us and laugh at least once, we know we did our job… poorly. But if you laugh at least a couple times, we’ll be happy. So, kick back, relax, and join in on the fun.

It’s Time to Drop The Mic… With Mike & Lem!

Mike w/ his cool glasses                                                       Lem w/ his cool glasses

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