Season 1 Episode 3 -Trump vs Brady (and more)

Ok Drop the Mic’rs… this just might be our craziest episode yet. We dive head first into the discussion of Mr. Donald Trump. They say you should stay out of politics, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. We also take on the issue of Tom Brady. Lem and I have very oppposing views on that subject, and sparks fly. In a fun way, of course. 🙂

We then take the time to answer some questions from some listeners of our esteemed show. Lem gets asked an absolute doozy of a question, but manages to handle it (kind of). And there’s even a surprise segment in that we snuck in there. The first person to find it and tell us what Lem says, gets a very special prize from us. I can’t tell you what that prize is yet, but let’s just say you’ll like it a lot. 😉

And finally, if you haven’t yet, please take a second and drop us a voicemail. We’d love your opinions and feedback. Just call 516-900-DROP

The funniest messages will be played during the episode, so sound off with what you’re thinking.

Ok – it’s time to enjoy the episode!